Exaflex breast surgery

Breast surgery

The Exaflex membrane is indicated for reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery, performed to reconstruct a biological interface between the implant (or breast expander) and the flap, to protect the latter.

Exaflex can be used in immediate or postponed reconstruction surgeries, with subpectoral or pre-pectoral implant sites. In particular, it is indicated for implantation over the pectoralis major muscle in breast surgery, for post-mastectomy breast reconstruction and cosmetic breast revision surgery.

Immediate post-mastectomy reconstruction with pre-pectoral technique

The pre-pectoral technique involves the use of a matrix to completely cover the implant. The latter is positioned between the pectoral and the subcutis, preserving muscle functionality while the matrix protects the tissues from the implant.

Surgery with pre-pectoral technique

Exaflex Breast surgery pre pectoral technique

Immediate post-mastectomy reconstruction using the Dual Plane technique

The pectoral muscle often does not provide sufficient coverage for the chosen definitive implant, making the use of a matrix necessary to expand the protective coverage of the pectoral muscle into the groove.

Surgery with Dual Plane technique

Exaflex Breast surgery dual plane technique
Exaflex Breast surgery dual plane technique

Post surgery