Exaflex soft tissue regenerating biological matrix


Specially designed solely for reconstructive surgery. A biological matrix obtained from processed italian native cattle pericardium. Cattle less than 20 months old, of selected breed, controlled in their growth stages, in their living enviroment, in their feeding.

This biological matrix is processed through a proprietary process which allows to maintain the favourable characteristics of the natural pericardium. It guarantees rapid integration with intrinsic cell ingrowth, minimal inflammation, negligible serum production. It is characterized by a bi-layer structure, one layer highly porous and fibrillar, apt to harbor cells and to cooperate, along the matrix conponents, with Cytokines and Growth Factors in order to achieve immediate revitalization and early angiogenesis. The other layer, much more compact and smooth.

Acts primarily as a solid structural support, while the fibrillar layer is quickly colonized by Fibroblasts and VEGF (Vascular Endotelial Growth Factor).​

Matrix Tipologies

  • Fenestrated
  • Net
  • Integra

Pro Heal Elements

The “cell-friendly” manufactoring preserves the biological matrix natural self-repair process elements, such as

  • Proteoglicans
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Fibronectin
  • Elastin

And, of course, Native Collagen. They represent a natural reservoir of bio-active factors participating to the revitalization process, limitating the inflammation while promoting cellular migration and proliferation. All of this is achieved nontheless limimitating the amount of implanted biological mass (until 50%, if compared to dermis derived implants). Integration is promoted even with limited blood supply, while maintaining maximum biomechanical performances.

Bovine bilayered pericardium

EXAFLEX is composed by pure bovine bilayered pericardium collagen, one layer composed of multidirectional intertwined fibers and is a type 1 collagen, known for his low tendency towards immunological reactions. The manufacturing process tends to eliminate the non-collagenic components, such as Lipids, Proteins, Enzymes, etc. The Freeze-Drying process contributes to maintain the natural collagen fibers structure.

The Exaflex biological behaviour

The Exaflex biological matrix is costituted by two layers of a multidirectional collagen fibers. One side of the matrix is an extremely compact, antiaderential, highly resistant to bacteria layer. The other side is characterized by a fibrillar structure , the perfect environment to boost cellular revitalization. ​

Smooth, compact Antiaderential side

This very compact collagen side constitutes an impenetrable barrier to bacteria. His mechanical qualities giving to the matrix a high resistance to traction and tearing thus very easy and safe suturability.

The Fibrillar layer

Thanks to the purposedly spared natural components left in the ECM , such as collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, fibronectin and proteoglicans, the fibrillar layer helps and enhances the healing process.

The bi-layered Extra Cellular Matrix goes through a three phase revitalization process by the endogenous connective tissue:

  1. The Fibrocytes migrate in the fibrillar layer, contributing to its anchoring to the surrounding structures through the formation of a neo-membrane surrounding the implant.
  2. The migrated Fibrocytes in the bilayer tridimensional structure of this biological matrix do not syntetize collagen, at the beginning, but adapt their metabolism in order to contribute to the manteinance of the preexisting collagen fibers.
  3. After few months, the tridimentional structure starts to be degradated by Collagenase. The degraded collagen starts to be substituted by new Fibrocytes- The structure is infiltrated and fed by the easily growing capillars in the tridimentional matrix.

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